Photographer of the Month – January 2009

Each month I highlight a photographer who has work I really admire. This month I want to introduce Youssef Ismail. I first noticed Youssef’s work over at Nature Photographers , one of the best nature photo sharing sites on the net. Every image that Youssef posts floors me! His work is full of inticate detail and flawless design. And the images are anything but stagnant nor simple technical perfection; there is a life and ‘spirit’  in his work that often defies description–amazing! His work resonates perfectly with how nature makes me feel. I wish I had such a sensitive eye. Many of the images Youssef does best are things that most photographers would just walk by or worse, step on! He really knows how to make intimate scenes come alive.

And… for you gear junkies, he is old school. Youssef shoots with film and a 4×5 camera.  Just confirms to me that gear is really the minor component of fine photography; the eye behind the lens is what really matters. Great work Youssef! 

Youseff Ismail Website

Youseff Ismail Website


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