Photographer of the Month – February 2009

This month I am pleased to feature the photography of Paolo de Faveri. I first became aware of Paolo’s photography over at Nature Photographers online forum. It is not often that I actively await and search out a specific photographer’s work online but Paolo’s work is amazing–I just can’t wait to see what he posts next!

Over the last little while Paolo has posted some winter work that just floors me with its elegance and mood. Check out his Winter 2009 – The Frozen Landscape gallery! The B+W photos of ‘lines of trees in snow’ are particularily evocative for me .  But don’t stop there, see Paolo’s recent works and Essentials galleries as well.

Paolo has a large format book available for purchase that looks really great (mine will be ordered shortly!) and of course a stunning collection of prints from this Italian master of landscape photography. Thanks Paolo for the constant inspiration! Darwin 

Photo by Paolo de Faveri

Photo by Paolo de Faveri

One Response to “Photographer of the Month – February 2009”

  1. Darwin, thanks for showcasing Paolo’s work. I’m also a huge fan and a fellow lurker over at NPN. I’m pleased to see his work gaining popularity, as it justifies my own feelings and opinions of his work. He seems quite a decent fellow too.

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