A Great Publisher

After reporting on the poor payment policies and all round unprofessional attitude of Firefly Books and Browntrout Publishers  over here, I figured it was time for some good new about publishers. So here it goes….

For several years now I have had the honour of working for Dogs in Canada magazine which is a monthly publication of the Canadian Kennel Club. This is a magazine about purebred dogs for purebred dog owners.  And interestingly it is the oldest continously published monthly magazine in Canada founded in February of 1898!

Almost every assignment I get from Dogs in Canada is to photograph puppies. Now I am a huge dog lover, but send me off to photograph puppies and the joy is almost payment enough! But here is the great thing; Dogs in Canada pays decent rates, they have reasonable terms, the photographer retains ownership of the images and they pay promptly. Plus they are incredibly helpful setting up shoots, giving good advice and just plain treating photographers with respect!

How refreshing and how rare! Thanks to Kelly Caldwell, the Editor-in-Chief, and the rest of the staff for a top notch operation!

If other photographers have some good news about great publishers send a note my way. Let’s reward and support these fine publishers by doing work for them and buying their magazines!

©Darwin Wiggett

©Darwin Wiggett

3 Responses to “A Great Publisher”

  1. Hey Darwin,

    It’s good to know that there are publishers that treat photographers with respect. It’s nice to have discovered that Browntrout Publishers is not one of them since I was planning to submit some images to them. I remember you said that book publishers don’t pay until the book is printed. This leaves the publisher without risk. If for some reason, the book doesn’t go to the printers, they don’t have to pay the photographers a dime. Remember the coffee table book, “American Vignette” by Photography for the Preservation of Landscape? They requested our images back in 2006 for the book. We haven’t seen a dime. It’s always “We expect the book to go to press in a few more months.”.


  2. Glad to hear they are treating you well. More importantly, what a great looking pooch! Great face and love the paws overhanging the chair. Forget “More Cowbell”, I want “More Dog Barks”!

  3. Great to hear positive news in the publishing industry! I also appreciate the heads up about Brown Trout. That’s unfortunate.

    Interesting to hear about “American Vignette”, Dennis. I am in the same boat.


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