New Website

I just did a major overhaul on my website. Although the design is similar to the old site with thumbnails on a grey backdrop, the new site is now e-commerce driven and much more consistent from page-to-page. Plus the new site has print sales and a download page where I can give away or sell instructional tutorials, e-books and videos.

I want to thank Jack Brauer for the great work on my site which is now easy to update and change–something absolutely necessary for me because I am a seriously HTML-challenged photographer! Now there is no excuse for me not to do regular updates!

If you need a website or website overhaul give the guys at Widerange Galleries a shout, they design sites specifically for photographers. And you do not need to stick with a safe, simple designs like I did (I like simple things!).Check out what Widerange Galleries  did for Marc Adamus, Kah-Kit Yoong, Michael Anderson, Andy Biggs, and Stephen Weaver.  These guys do great work–highly recommended!


3 Responses to “New Website”

  1. Love the new site Darwin! Your photography amazes me at every viewing. Keep up the inspirational work.

  2. Darwin,

    Man! Every one of your photos has a “WOW” factor to it. I see a few new ones too. I always return to your website again and again.


  3. Love the new site. As you say, it is a bit like the old one but much more consistent, well done.


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