Shopping for a Better World

Money Makes the World Go Round

Let’s face it, the world runs on the power of money. We can protest and educate and volunteer but real change will only happen if we can affect the ultimate engine of human activity–the economy. Money talks. Money is power. The fastest way to change the world for the better is with our wallets. If we reward companies that supply us with everyday products in a social and environmentally responsible way by purchasing their goods, then their good practices will be more widely adopted. In turn, we should refuse to buy goods from irresponsible companies.

Spinning the World with Our Money

This theory is simple but how can we, as consumers, judge the responsibility level of individual companies? How much is green-hype, how much is real? I turn to to help me sort through the hype and green-washing to pick products that I need to use. The author of the betterworldshopper rates companies and products on a report card basis with grades from A+ to F. Simply buy and support companies with good report cards and we can affect change for the better. Of course, only buy stuff you really need; the old reduce, reuse and recycle still applies. Consumption even by socially and environmentally responsible companies is still consumption.

The top ten companies in the world as rated by Better World Shopper are: Seventh Generation, Working AssetsEden Foods, Organic Valley, Clif Bar, Honest Tea, Patagonia, Tom’s of Maine, Ben and Jerry’s and Aveda. To see specific rankings on products go here. For example, I no longer eat PowerBars (D-) but now choose Clif energy bars. Check out the list for yourself to see if you are buying from responsible companies.

And here are the list of the 10 worst companies–avoid these brands whenever possible; Exxon Mobil,  Kraft, Walmart, Chevron-Texaco, Pfizer, Nestle, General Electric, Archer Daniels Midland, General Motors, and Tyson Foods.

©Darwin Wiggett

©Darwin Wiggett


2 Responses to “Shopping for a Better World”

  1. Great post Darwin, thanks. I would rather support good companies even if it costs more. We just discovered a couple of the ones you list, so it’s helpful to know they rank high.

    Paul Grecian

  2. Hey Darwin,

    That’s right. Hit them where it hurts (in the wallet), then maybe they will listen.


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