May LLTL contest – Prashant Khapane

Prashant Khapane starts off the May LLTL photo contest by setting the bar really high! Here is what Prashant has to say about this lovely photo:

Photo by Prashant Khapane

Photo by Prashant Khapane

I’ve been working on OnTheWayToWork project for last 5-6 years and have captured many images while going to or coming back from work. I normally keep my camera in the car boot along with a tripod and if I see potential I stop and scout the location and come back when light is favorable. Last winter I made few such images and this one is my favorite. Made with EOS5D, 35mm Olympus Shift lens

Be sure to check out Prashant’s blog here, drop by and see what is on his mind!


One Response to “May LLTL contest – Prashant Khapane”

  1. Hello Darwin,
    I’m really flattered with the honor and by your kind words. Thanks a lot.
    best regards, prashant

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