Photographer of the Month – Bruce Percy

I was introduced to Bruce Percy’s work by a fellow photographer who told me “you need to see this guy’s podcasts they are stunning!” Indeed when I checked out the podcasts, I saw amazing imagery, wonderful narration (a calming and captivating voice), and high production standards. Later I found out that Bruce produces his own slideshows and writes and performs the music. This is one talented fellow! Even without the podcasts, the imagery of Bruce is ethereal and moving. And Bruce shows us once again that it not the camera nor the medium that matters but the vision of the artist. Check out Bruce’s work, you’ll be glad you did!



3 Responses to “Photographer of the Month – Bruce Percy”

  1. Ian Downey Says:

    I must say I really truly enjoyed the photography,narration,and the music presented here.

  2. Found out about Bruce a few weeks ago as well, awesome work and as you say, very talented.

  3. He is amazing. And a lovely person and great teacher – he offers courses in Scotland and elsewhere; I’ve just come back from one in Torridon, and it was superb.

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