Pages – Exposures: Views from Both Sides of the Camera

Pages – Book Review

I promised to do book reviews on this blog so here is the first one.

Exposures: Views from Both Sides of the Camera by Guy Tal

One of my favorite photographers is Guy Tal.  Guy does not rely on big dramatic light and in your face wide-angle compositions to slap the viewer with impact. Instead his compositions are thoughtful, rich in expression and deep in meaning.  His work grows on you with repeated viewings which for me is a sign of a great photographer. Too many photographers want to ‘punch you in the face’ with high impact delivery. Guy wins you over with a sensitive eye that expresses his feelings and respect for the landscape. In Guy’s images, you do not see a photographer looking for the trophy capture but, rather, you see an artist completely connected with his subject. For the photographs alone, this book is worth space on any photographer’s bookshelf.

But Guy is not only a visual artist, he is also a master wordsmith. Anyone who follows Guy’s web journal knows what an articulate and thoughtful writer he is. Guy’s writing style is a cross between the best of Galen Rowell, and Brooks Jensen’s writings. In my opinion, there are few photographers who write as well and as profoundly as Guy. This book is a must have for serious collectors of photography books.



4 Responses to “Pages – Exposures: Views from Both Sides of the Camera”

  1. Thank you so much for pointing out Guy Tal’s web journal. He’s a brilliant writer indeed (and photographer, of course!).

  2. You beat me to it, Darwin! I had planned to do on my blog a review of Guy’s book as well, but I just haven’t yet gotten to it.

    As far as I’m concerned, Guy is the leading American writer in this genre of writing (why hasn’t any magazine offered him a monthly column?). His words have always been incredibly inspiring to me. An impressive collection of words and photographs; I highly recommend ‘Exposures’!

  3. […] An autographed and personalized copy of Guy Tal’s Exposures: Views from Both Sides of the Camera – for a review see here […]

  4. Thanks for this post, Darwin. I’ve admired Guy’s work for quite some time, as well as yours. Have recently started following both of your blogs!

    Greg Russell

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