The Amateur’s Secret Weapon

I recently read a great little blog piece by Lee Sacrey on the best investment an amateur can make to propel their photographey to the next level – I won’t tell you what Lee’s secret weapon is but for me I think he is right on the money. Cruise over here and see if you agree.

©Darwin Wiggett

©Darwin Wiggett


3 Responses to “The Amateur’s Secret Weapon”

  1. I would like to see your shot bigger !! What’s a pity….

  2. Darwin,
    I totally agree with this. Your PPSOP course was great and now I’m going to hopefully register for one of your winter magic courses next week.

  3. Couldn’t agree more. My best investment in photography was participating in your Winter Magic trip this year. It helped me so much in getting better results that I registered for another one right away.

    There is so much to read about photography to improve your skills or how to set up your camera, but learning face to face from an experienced photographer with your hands on the camera and the possibility to ask and get an answer right away helps more than any book or website could do. Another great thing is to see how other participants work and to communicate with them in the field. Looking through other peoples view finder, comparing shots, discussing techniques and seeing how they use their gear at a certain spot helped me improve my abilities more than I expected before participating.

    It was not only the technical aspect of the workshop that helped me improve. Being encouraged to try new ways of taking a picture, using a spot or thinking of what I want to achieve opened a whole new way of using my camera creative. Of course I could have spent the money on a “better” lens or other piece of equipment, but it wouldn’t have helped me getting better pictures like the workshop did.

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