Photographer of the Month – Frank Grisdale

When I first stumbled across the fine art photography of Frank Grisdale I was floored. I have seen many attempts at ‘painterly’ photographs that fail, or worse, that look like samples of Photoshop’s art filters gone bad. Frank’s work trancends gimmicks, and has power and resonance. It is impressionistic, abstract, moody and ephemeral. The compositions are spare yet full of space. Frank truly paints with his camera and knows how to swirl and dab with colour, line and form. A visit to his website will confirm that photography is art, and this artist is masterful! I am super inspired – thanks Frank!

©Frank Grisdale

©Frank Grisdale


2 Responses to “Photographer of the Month – Frank Grisdale”

  1. Frank seems to succeed at what a lot of other photographers try to do, make pictures art with the help of Photoshop.

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