Fall Photo Contest – Trevor Brown

Trevor Brown

©Trevor Brown

©Trevor Brown


This shot was taken on a very windy overcast day in Southern Ontario last fall. I was walking my dog when this tree caught my eye. With the last few leaves blowing wildly in the wind, and the tall weeds in the foreground swaying back and forth I knew I had a shot that could illustrate the intense weather happening on this day. For some strange reason though I had almost forgot about this shot until recently when I was going back through my files. When I looked at it with fresh eyes I saw the tree looking and moving as if it was conducting an orchestra, the stiff torso of the trunk with the limbs acting as arms, leaves moving in a harmonious fashion as though they are the conductors baton. I’m quite happy that I found this shot, and a good example of why we should save our old files.


One Response to “Fall Photo Contest – Trevor Brown”

  1. An interesting juxtaposition of the foreground movement and a sharper background.

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