No BS – crazy and fun!

At the Windsor International Photo Seminar, I had the pleasure to hang out with James Hodgins and Rob Provencher. These guys are  warped–plain and simple! Not only do they have successful portrait/wedding/commercial studios, they LOVE photography and simply have a blast making pictures. They are anything but SERIOUS and they have an entertaining and effective teaching style with zany videos but incredibly inspiring work.  Check out their recent post from their first day in Windsor! and way they always carry a point-n-shoot (Canon G11).

They also have a website called No BS Photo Success. These guys know marketing! They know how to build a photo business. Even if you don’t shoot weddings, or portraits, or commercial work, they lessons they teach really hit home for any kind of photographer. I am super excited to try out some new things I learned from Rob and James in my own business.

Best of all the boys totally reinforced why we do photography–for fun! Often photographers are way too serious. It is refreshing to see talent, inspiration, education and humour go hand-in-hand. These guys are my kind of people!


Rob's 'Exposed' book

It looks like they also thought I was a decent bloke as well. Thanks guys for the great time!


5 Responses to “No BS – crazy and fun!”

  1. Betty Laliberte Says:

    Darwin: Just to say thanks for all your hard work at the Windsor International Photo Seminar. You were awsome and I really learned alot.
    I will be following your blog from now on and you never know some day when I get extra money I may show up at one of your seminars. Thanks again

  2. …the WIPS, I love your style…not only was our session with you informative…it truly was inspirational…thanks

  3. Don Martel Says:

    Thanks again ! It was great to meet you! Your seminar was very informative and inspiring!


  4. haha, THAT is an eye-catching book cover! They sound like a fun couple of guys. It’s so important to have fun shooting

  5. dreamechos Says:

    this is too funny, great to see people have a sense of humor, life’s just way too short to be serious all the time.
    thanks for sharing this

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