Year End Contest – Eleanor Marsh

Eleanor Marsh

©Eleanor Marsh


This is a photo taken of a less than full Medicine Lake in Jasper National Park. I love this photo because I had to work hard to get it…or rather I had to be patient. The weather had been just crazy. Expecting loads of Fall colours (it was September afterall), what I was given was searing heat one day and rain the next. This photo was taken during a brief respite in a day of rain and chilly temperatures. After just about running out of lens tissue, the sun started to break through for a few seconds, lighting up the mountain and warming the path in the foreground. Despite the rain and heavy cloud cover during the one full day I had in Jasper, I fell in love with the place, and Medicine Lake in particular. Should I be able to return to the Rockies, a longer stay in Jasper NP will definitely be on the cards.

One Response to “Year End Contest – Eleanor Marsh”

  1. wow great picture i took a panaramic picture of that mountain when i was there last may. it was from an easy shot cam so no where detailed as yours lol.

    that mountain had to be the most impressive i seen at the rockys, that side of it is almost 90 degrees up and looks like a giant wall it was a vary breath taking moment for me and my wife

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