The Daily Snap – Jan 3

©Darwin Wiggett - Canon G11

On New Year’s day I was driving with Samantha along the QE2 from Edmonton to Calgary. Near Blackfalds, I had to pull over and photograph one of the best sun dogs I have ever seen in Alberta. All we had with us was the G11 but the snapshot fairly well captured the intensity of the atmospheric conditions we witnessed. I could barely get the whole sundog into the frame even at the widest angle lens setting on the G11. I sure wish I had my pro gear and a 17mm lens that day!

9 Responses to “The Daily Snap – Jan 3”

  1. Sometimes, we are just lucky enough to be at the right spot in the right moment. What a fantastic shot !!

  2. John Arnold Says:


    I really like the way you used the telephone lines and the big rig to give the shot context. Really nice shot!

  3. I suppose it would have been possible to take 2 or 4 images and stitch them together… it doesn’t have the same effect but it beats missing stuff (though here you didn’t miss a thing IMHO).

  4. Great image! I like the composition. Your “Daily Snap’s” always seem to have a lesson to them like composition, adding elements of interest etc. Today it reminds me to always bring a camera but also the one thing I don’t do often enough, stop and capture the image. Too many times I drive by. Thanks for not driving by this one.

  5. Phenomenal, Darwin, I’ve never seen a sundog this impressive! A nice roadside composition of it, too. 🙂

  6. That is amazing intensity! Awesome catch, Darwin!

  7. Simply brilliant. Love it. Happy – though chilly – memories of my time in the interior (of B.C.).

  8. mutia muliasih Says:

    love your photos, especially the daily snap. they are proof of creativity, winning over type or brand of tools used. i am an amateur in photography, and your works has been a great teacher for me

  9. Sherri Fujimagari Says:

    Don’t know if I can add anything to what has already been said, but this shot is a record of a natural phenomenon. Breathtaking. Great moment!

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