2009 – Fire and Ice Results

I have posted participant photos from the 2009 Fire and Ice Photo Tours here. We had a great time with a fair bit of ice and a little bit of fire (not as much as in previous years). Nevertheless, we all came away with fine images. Personally, I have not yet processed my images except for this one below which I grabbed from my hundreds of images shot during the tour. I like the ‘happy face’ in the ice, getting out shooting with a great group of people always makes me smile! I have just announced the dates for the 2011 tour if anyone is interested (7 spots only).

©Darwin Wiggett - Canon 1ds Mark III and 17mm TS-e lens

6 Responses to “2009 – Fire and Ice Results”

  1. These are absolutely fantastic results. Thanks for sharing, and congrats to the participants for fine images all around!


  2. Hi Darwin,

    I really like the photos. Again, one of these days I’ll sign up for your tours. All the spots look so beautiful. 🙂

  3. Pavel Chovanec Says:

    Nice work Darwin. Please enter a few words about Canon TS-E 17mm how good is and how to work with him and filters?
    Thanks Pavel

    • Love that lens, it is really sharp (fior a Canon wide angle lens). And the tilt and shift is awesome especially in a superwide. It is tough to filter but I may have more on that soon…


  4. Even with the lack of fire the tour was amazing and the group again was great. Like in February again I learned a lot. Thanks for the great time and greetings to the fellow Testosteroners!

  5. Exceptional capture Darwin. I like your perspective and the portrait view. Great detail too – jimmy

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