International Photography Awards

Last year I was the busiest ever. I was constantly shooting, doing workshops and tours that I am only now getting around to processing my 2009 work. I hope to catch up over the next month or so. One of the things I just discovered when cleaning out my old emails was the fact that I had one four honourable mentions in the 2009 International Photography Awards. Imagine my surprise that I overlooked these emails.

Check out all the winners in the numerous categories – amazing stuff!

If you want to look at alot of stunning photos in one spot check out the vast catalog of HM images

Here are my winners:

1. Icescapes – Series of Five

2. Trees in Winter – Series of Five

3. Wind Through the Trees – Series of Five

4. Environment -Residue – Series of Five


7 Responses to “International Photography Awards”

  1. jackvjohnson Says:

    Congrats, Darwin! Great images – I’m not as partial to the subject matter in the Environment – Residue series, but they’re still great images!

    If this is the sort of mail you have lying around, I’d start looking for old, unopened mail from Publisher’s Clearinghouse… (Do you have that up there?) :^D

    – Jack

  2. Most well deserved, Darwin! I especially love the Wind Through The Trees series. So dreamy!

    Ray Chong
    Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.

  3. Congratulations Darwin on your beautiful photographs. You are one of my favorite top professional photographers and like an Ansel Adams of Canada. Definitely, a master of photography. Thanks for inspiring.:)

  4. All of these photos are truly great Darwin. Congratulations! My favorite is the Wind through the Trees series. Very inspirational.

  5. Not an unexpected achievement as your work is always well deserving of much notoriety. You always make me try harder and for that I thank you. Congratulations Mr. d!

  6. Excellent submissions. Big congrats to you – the honor is well deserved. My favorite is the icescape series. The different textures and colors of ice you captured is just amazing, and the images convey the extreme temps as well – bbbrrr!

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