The Canadian Landscape Photo Contest

Jan – March 2010 LLTL Photo Contest 

Theme – The Canadian Landscape 

For the first LLTL photo contest of 2010 the theme is The Canadian Landscape. Anyone can enter the contest but the image entered must have Canadian geographical content (natural landscapes, cityscapes, intimate landscapes, or rural landscapes from Canada). The reason for the restriction is because the winning image will be published in Outdoor Photography Canada magazine which only features images from Canada. So if you live in Canada or have visited and have an image you’d like showcased enter now! 

Judge – Roy Ramsay – Editor and Publisher of Outdoor Photography Canada magazine 

Roy Ramsay, editor and publisher of Outdoor Photography Canada magazine, will judge this competition and pick a first, second and third place image. The winning image will be published in Outdoor Photography Canada Magazine. Get your photos in front of the eyes of an editor by entering this contest! 


Entries will be accepted from January 20 to March 31, 2010 at midnight MST. 


Winning Image 

1. Publication of the winning image in Outdoor Photography Canada magazine – great exposure! 

2. A one year subscription to Outdoor Photography Canada magazine. 

OPC magazine

3. A free pass to SNAP! Mastering Digital Nature Photography from Capture to Commerce with  John Marriott, Samantha Chrysanthou, and me to be held on April 24 and 25, 2010 in Canmore, Alberta. Pass does not include airfare, accommodations or transportation to Canmore. If the winner is already registered for SNAP! no refunds or cash value will be assigned. The winner, if already registered in SNAP!, can choose to transfer their winning pass to another person. 

SNAP! Photo Seminars

4. An autographed copy of Daryl Benson’s Canada book – the best coffee table photo book on Canada ever produced (in my opinion). 

©Daryl Benson

Second Place 

The winner of second place will receive autographed copies of John Marriott’s best-selling books: The Canadian Rockies: Banff, Jasper and Beyond (regular edition) and Banff and Lake Louise: Images of Banff National Park. These books are outstanding and are my favorites among the plethora of books on the Canadian Rockies.

©John Marriott

©John Marriott

Third Place 

The winner of third place will receive two signed 8×12 inch prints (below) one each from Samantha Chrysanthou and Darwin. 

©Samantha Chrysanthou

©Darwin Wiggett


How to Enter 

This contest is free to enter. Send me a JPEG no larger than 400 pixels wide in the horizontal axis and set your colour space to sRGB. Please include a link to your website and a direct link  to a larger version of the photo if you have one. Also you need to include a short paragraph about the photo either about how you took the image, or why the image resonates with you, or what you are trying to express to the viewer. Also please include the location of where in Canada the image was shot. It does no matter when you took the image, with what media, only that you are the artist who took the photo and that the photo is from Canada. This contest is open to any one, anywhere in the world of any nationality, the only requirement is that the photo is a picture of a Canadian Landscape.

Send entries to – please only one entry per person. The photo will be displayed on this blog with appropriate credit and a link back to each artist’s website (be sure to include your website info!). No other use of the image will be made without the artist’s prior permission.  The winner will be responsible for getting a high res version of the first place winning image to Roy for publication in Outdoor Photography Canada magazine. 

This ain’t no rights grabbing photo contest, I’ll just display your photo here as outlined above.

But I do reserve the right to cancel the contest and/or prizes without prior notice (what if someone dies and can’t provide their prize or I get abducted by bald-guy loving aliens?).

Good luck! 


22 Responses to “The Canadian Landscape Photo Contest”

  1. eleanormarsh Says:

    Wow! What an amazing opportunity you folk at Outdoor Photography Canada have provided us here. Thank-you to the editors of this fabulous Canadian magazine. Good luck everyone!!

  2. Just what I needed – yet another reason to envy you guys who live in Canada! ;^D

    Can’t wait to see the images!

    – Jack

  3. Great stuff, Darwin, I’ll get it up on my blog right away, too.

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  5. I don’t know if my picutres are qualified….Can I submit one taken with my small point-n-shoot?

    Cindy from Vancouver, BC

  6. […] I saw yet another contest on Darwin Wiggett blog, this time calling for a Canadian landscape, I instantly thought about our […]

  7. This contest is only open to Canadians, right? I think the magazine only allows photos from Canadian photographer.

    • The contest is open to anyone, any where in the World, of any Nationality, the only rule is the photo has to be of a Canadian Landscape. Hope that clarifies things


  8. Your rules stipulate including website address. Are we excluded if we do not have a website?

  9. […] of this blog will already know about “The Canadian Landscape” Contest. Great stuff entered so far – see this link to see the entries so […]

  10. Valerie Says:

    I’m sorry, I don’t know what setting the color requirements is. Maybe this is easy to explain in an e-mail? If so, thanks. If not, I will try some other resource.
    Obviously I’m just starting to learn, hope you can help!

  11. Gives Thanks for this article, I will add up this website to my bookmarks, my bud just stated to me about this the other day. gracias

  12. Mark Shephard Says:

    Darn it all…I just found this site and missed the cut of date for this contest. Are there any plans to run another contest anytime soon? You can count me in if there is. 🙂

  13. bryan pereira Says:

    the submission details say “400 pixels wide in the horizontal axis” do you mean you only accept Landscape (horizontal) mode images or is portrait format to a max of 400pix wide ok?

  14. well, i always join photo contests but i have not yet won a photo contest ::

  15. i love landscape photography

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