The Daily Snap – Jan 21

Eyes Wide Open and Smile - you goof!

Not the best self-portrait I have ever taken but I kinda like my goobery expression. Another photo taken in the bathroom–what is it with me and the G11 in the can?

9 Responses to “The Daily Snap – Jan 21”

  1. Hi, Darwin! LOL Great expression, like you were surprised by what you saw. Get out of the lou and let’s head to the nearest bar for a Canadian beer.

  2. kurtbudliger Says:

    Dude, you should put that strap around your neck, god forbid you drop the g11 in the shitter!

  3. This is kinda scary!

  4. Hello,

    We are writing to advise your photo has been selected for the cover of our new G11 brochure. Congratulations
    Canon Canada
    (haa haa)

  5. encantado de conocerle en este simpático autorretrato. Sigo su blog desde hace algún tiempo, felicidades por sus bellas fotografías. Increibles paisajes en Canadá.

    saludos desde España

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