The Canadian Landscape Contest – Vibhav Gupta

Vibhav Gupta

©Vibhav Gupta


Here is the background regarding this image: For this iconic location, I wanted to get a shot that retained the essence of the icon but still was different enough to stand out in the crowd. So, after a while of trying various compositions that landed very similar pictures that I had seen before, I tried to emphasize the foreground of the rock pile (which I have not seen done often) and came up with this image. I would have loved for the skies to be more colorful but this was a very peaceful morning and felt blissful to be just standing there and enjoying the crisp mountain air and the extraordinary view. I feel this picture portrays that feeling of bliss and calm while still portraying the ruggedness of the area.


3 Responses to “The Canadian Landscape Contest – Vibhav Gupta”

  1. Hi Vibhav,

    Great Shot of a much photographed location.

    My comment on the photograph. Be careful about the foreground.

    In this case I think the foreground takes away from the subject – the Ten Peaks.

    I think it is a little off balance. To much foreground.


  2. Some strong and powerful colors.

  3. very nice vibhav, i have seen this before on fm! 🙂

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