New House Rules

In the past, I have approved every single comment that anyone put on this blog. The fact that people even stop by and visit here, let alone take the time to comment, is amazing and appreciated – thanks all! This policy of absolute freedom of expression was not a problem when the vast majority of visitors to this blog are polite, reasonable and constructive. However, after co-authoring a ‘controversial’ review on the Canon 7D, let’s just say that the civility of a vocal minority fell to an all-time low. Indeed, I don’t see the value of name-calling and flaming, it serves no-one. Constructive criticism is always welcomed though. 

From now on I am taking the lead of Samantha Chrysanthou and her blog in following the rules of Netiquette. No prima donna’s, name-callers, princesses, bullies, braggarts, or meanies need waste their time commenting here. Your comment will not be approved or if it sneaks by it will be promptly deleted. This is a blog community about sharing, growing and respect — if you can’t play nice, go find another sandbox. The other 99% of reasonable, mature people who visit here are always welcome!

Back to your regularly scheduled program.


17 Responses to “New House Rules”

  1. Bummer bout the flaming and name calling. I really appreciate the 7D article. I had been looking to upgrade my 20D and was looking seriously at 7D and 5D mark ii. Although your article wasn’t the deciding factor it help me decide on the full frame sensor. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to travel up to your neck this summer and use some of the ideas I get from your sites. Thanks

  2. John Lawrence Says:

    It has been an inspiration to follow your “Daily Snaps”. As for the use of proper “netiquette” – I quite agree!

  3. Good call…nice shot BTW. I wish I was in the mountains…

  4. Right call Darwin. Keep up the good work.

  5. kurtbudliger Says:

    Careful, you’ll put your eye out!

  6. Rick Hudson Says:

    Happy to hear about this new change. To many blogs go south and just aren’t useful or fun anymore. Keep up the good work Darwin. I look forward to each and every day.

  7. That’s a great photo Darwin. Thanks for the laugh! 🙂

  8. Good for you, Darwin. I use Canon equipment, and I bought and have a 7D. I found your review valuable. I didn’t see it until after I purchased the 7D, however.

    I thought your review was honest and helpful.

    I don’t understand the attachment to the brands. My cameras and lenses are my tools. At this point in my photographic development, they exceed my ability to exploit fully their features; the cameras are better than I am. So I continue to try to improve my craft.

    Keep up the good work.

  9. Thanks that is a great call Darwin. I have found your blog/Daily snap to be very informative and I have learned alot from you. I would hate to see the “bad” behaviour of a few ruin things for the rest of us. I hope you can make it up the the St. Albert Photo Club one day! I would love to meet you.

  10. That is one fun shot! It is a great house rule. I think it’s important to keep the feel positive and upbuilding, for everyone’s sake 🙂

  11. Thumbs up on the new “house rules”, amigo. Same to Sam! We don’t all have to become PC robots, but life is too short to put up with crap… especially within your own little slice of the interweb.

    Love the self portrait, by the way… it’s very “you”. 😉

  12. I simply cannot believe you are becoming so authoritarian in your old age. How repulsive! :>)

    Thank goodness the self-portrait is from the waste up. Try some fibre, maybe even some prunes, and life will be a lot easier. (I know, I’m older than you, remember.)

  13. […] posting rude and offensive comments on this blog. In short they are not following this blog’s House Rules. Rather than spend all my time policing other people’s behaviour I am ending comments on the […]

  14. Ron Frigon Says:

    Have been to your site a couple weeks now and am glad to hear about your house rules. I think it’s great.
    Also, am enjoying the great photos!

  15. Glenn Cratty Says:

    Kudos for this from a not-so-vocal regular observer of this very fine blog.

    Sadly I have seen time and again how there is, as you say Darwin, a “vocal minority” that feel the sole purpose of the internet is to be contrarian, whine and insult. Such courage in anonymity.

    Also amazing how people’s egos can be so dearly tied to, of all things, a small piece of electronic equipment. I’d so love to see their images.

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