Weekly Photo – Jan 29

©Darwin Wiggett - Canon EOS-1ds Mark III, 24mm TS-E Lens

This one is from the North Saskatchewan River at Graveyard Flats. I found this rock with a trailing bunch of algae that reminded me of Cousin Itt from the Addams Family. I liked the contrast of green with the cool blues of this wintery scene. To get this photo I used my 24mm tilt-shift lens tilted to give maximum depth-of-field. I used a Singh-Ray LB Warming Polarizer to cut glare off the water and darken the blue sky and a Singh-Ray 3-stop soft-edge grad to even out exposure from top to bottom. Check out the photo below for how the picture looked without filters. I love my filters for the optimum in-camera capture quality possible!

©Darwin Wiggett - same photo with no filters

14 Responses to “Weekly Photo – Jan 29”

  1. Thanks Darwin for letting us take a look at your ‘raw’ files. Very helpful.

  2. Darwin, WOW I love how you’ve shown the difference here! You’ve really illustrated the benefits of using filters. I just bought your book with Mackie, Neill, Noton & Worobiec – The Digital SLR Expert Landscapes …. EXCELLENT book – I highly recommend this book to other readers. Cheers & thanks for the great tips. Kirsty

  3. You certainly have mastered the art of using filters! One excellent photo again.

  4. Bob Pilatos Says:

    Great comparison!! The Singh-Ray filters are a necessity in a situation like this. I like the “Cousin It” reference!! Hahahaha…

  5. Nice photo! I read a lot about photographers abandoning their GND filters and relying on software instead. In most cases for me it’s so much easier and time efficient to use the filters in the field.

  6. Darwin,
    I just love how you show the before and after shots with the fliters. With so many post processing options out there, throwing a fliter or two infront of your lens seems so much easier!

  7. For years I struggled to get the perfect exposure and then a few years ago I stumbled across your images and bought some filters! I feel that I am taking the best pictures of my life now with live view and filters together. I continue to be impressed with the open nature that you share information with!! Keep it coming please and thank you.
    Jeffrey Wilkins

  8. I was wondering when we’d see the “Green Monster”… Looks Great!

  9. Nice photo!
    I’ve seen this Graveyard Flats place in photos quite a bit lately. Mind sharing where it is?

    • Graveyard Flats is on the Icefields Parkway north of the Sasakatchewan River Crossing. The southern end starts roughly at the Sunset Pass trailhead and the flats extend for about 10km north along the highway


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