The Canadian Landscape Contest – Wayne Simpson

Wayne Simpson

©Wayne Simpson

Many people are familiar with Lake Minnewanka because of it’s boat tours and scuba diving. Since I already have images of Lake Minnewanka in a familiar light, I thought it would be more interesting to show it in a less familiar way. This particular morning was extremely cold (about -30 C) so the water was much warmer than the air. The result of the huge difference in temperatures was lots of mist which created a very surreal atmosphere. On this morning I produced several of the images in my portfolio, one which includes the boat house (which is out of frame to the left here), and another of a herd of elk (just down the road)… all utilizing this amazing light. I still dream of another chance to make images in these type of conditions.


4 Responses to “The Canadian Landscape Contest – Wayne Simpson”

  1. Beautiful image, Wayne! There are many iconic spots but that doesn’t mean something distinctive still can’t be achieved with some patience and imagination. This is one of the most enticing images I’ve seen from Lake Minnewanka… very cool!

  2. Great shot Wayne! It is very mystical 🙂 I love it!
    Extreme temperatures and patience are always worth it
    I hope you get that opportunity again soon 🙂

  3. Very cool shot, literally and figuratively! Way to take an iconic place and put a new twist on it.

  4. Fantastic shot of Lake Minnewanka! You really captured the feel of a cold winter day with the colors and mist; I haven’t seen a shot of Lake Minnewanka look so incredible.

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