The Daily Snap – Feb 1

©Darwin Wiggett

Yesterday I went for a long walk with the dog and took my Canon G11. I hoped to find stuff to photograph on the walk for The Daily Snap. But I came up empty. It was one of those days when nothing inspired me. While taking off my boots in the front entrance of my house, I looked up and noticed the image above. There was my snapshot for the day! The fun thing about this photograph is that the painting is actually a reproduction of one of my photographs that a local painter made for me. 

7 Responses to “The Daily Snap – Feb 1”

  1. Reflections always do well. Like an arm from above coming through and holding the painting on the wall, you can almost hear the voice saying…….”It looks good from up here.”

  2. A photograph of a painting of a photograph. You have to be careful or you might slip into an infinite loop.

  3. Funny what Sean said! A very cool daily snap. Amazing how when sometimes when we stop looking for the picture it suddenly appears.

  4. hello every one i am in Australia and a keen photographer probably not to the caliber as 99% of you people but i just need a bit of advice i am in the process of updating my a100 sony to either a niko or a cannon can any one help me with pros and cons i hope you dont mind me leaving my email addy love to hear from any one thanks mark

    • Personally I think Canon only makes two really good cameras right now, the 5d Mark II (if you want full frame) and can afford the camera and the Rebel Xsi (450D). The Rebel is really good bang for the buck, it is not super well laid out and really needs a bit of a redesign to be faster to use but the files are decent and the price is low. I use the Rebel as my backpacking camera. In Nikon I think either the D300s or the D700 are great cameras depending on if you want to go APS-c size sensor or full frame. Darwin

  5. thanks for the reply a friend of mine suggested a Niko d90 have you used one or herd any pros or cons about this one


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