The Canadian Landscape Contest – Jonathan Sinclair

Jonathan Sinclair

©Jonathan Sinclair


This photograph was taken at Park Lake Provincial Park, which is right near Lethbridge, Alberta. This park is one of the oldest in the province, and was created by an irrigation reservoir. I had a vision of creating an image that would show both the serenity and beauty of this park, which happens to lie in the middle of the prairies. After several failed attempts, I was at the right moment at the right time on this fall day. I was a little worried about the cloud cover, but as soon as the sun went below the horizon, it created awesome colours, beautiful tones and cloud formations. Southern Alberta is known for its beautiful skies, and here is the proof! Who said the prairies were bland and boring? This capture is one of my personal favourites!


3 Responses to “The Canadian Landscape Contest – Jonathan Sinclair”

  1. Beautiful image – simple composition, great color and well balanced. Well made!

  2. Wow, love those colours and reflections Jonathon! Just goes to show that persistence can pay dividends!!

  3. Excellent image. Recognizing that the prairies aren’t bland and boring takes a bit of dedication, but once you open your mind to the possibilities great images await everywhere!

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