Photographer of the Month – Scott Dimond

I have known Scott Dimond for a few years now and have had the pleasure of his company on several memorable trips. The thing that impresses me about Scott is his tenacity. When Scott gets an idea for a photo, he not only figures out how to make it happen technically, he actually follows through and makes the vision in his head a reality. A lot of photographers have great ideas but no follow through. Another thing I like about Scott is that he is willing to try anything and does not limit himself to one genre of photography. Personally, I think photographers grow best as artists when they are generalists, when they experiment and delve into all areas of photography. The photographers that I know that are super creative are the ones that dabbled and tinkered and played the most. Scott is a consumate dabbler and I have seen his work soar in creativity over the last few years. Thanks Scott for the constant inspiration!

©Scott Dimond

©Scott Dimond

©Scott Dimond

©Scott Dimond

©Scott Dimond

©Scott Dimond


One Response to “Photographer of the Month – Scott Dimond”

  1. That’s a very impressive body of work that Scott has! I can’t help but be inspired. So many different genres and all of them well executed. Keep up the great work Scott!

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