Weekly Photo – Feb 5

©DArwin Wiggett - Canon EOS-1ds Mark III, 24mm TS-E lens

When I first saw this rock with a leaf on it, I snapped a few photos with my Canon G11. I posted a B+W as a Daily Snap for Jan 28. After I saw the potential in the scene, I grabbed my ‘big’ camera and played around. In this photo I used two filters; the Singh-Ray Gold-n-Blue polarizer to add colour to the scene, and a Singh-Ray 5-stop solid ND filter to lengthen the shutter speed so I could get blurred water. To see what the scene looked like with out filter, I shot a comparison image below. Notice in the non-filtered image the bird poop on the rock; in the final image above, I cloned out the turd.

©Darwin Wiggett - no filters


2 Responses to “Weekly Photo – Feb 5”

  1. Both images are lovely and convey completely different feelings. The bottom one is cold and icy (as I am sure it was) while the top one is ethereal and warm. Great job on both accounts!

  2. Jonathan Sinclair Says:

    Lovely colours! it’s amazing at what a simple filter will to do improve a photograph! Great shot Darwin!

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