The Daily Snap – Feb 9

©Darwin Wiggett - Canon G11

This is a close-up of a red onion slice backlit on a light-table. I can’t believe just how good the macro mode is on the G11. I love it! With macro anything in the kitchen is fair game for a Daily Snap! Even if I only have 5 or 10 minutes a day, I can come up with something interesting just shooting in my house  with the Canon G11 in macro mode.


5 Responses to “The Daily Snap – Feb 9”

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  2. oh stop will ya ! .. (just kidding) …
    i am so taken with the reviews of the G11 (including yours) that i am seriously considering upgrading from the G9 … i am teetering coz i need GOOD SOLID reasons for doing so (and then going through the rigmarol of selling my G9)…

    and MACRO is top of my list of reasons (as is the extended wide angle) … ::: sigh ::::

    love this photo and the idea .. i dont have a light box but i have taped/stuck /held things to a window before and taken soooo nice macros with the G9 …

    the more you jump about with the G11 the more i jump about the idea of going 11 ..

    🙂 >> Gina

    • I do not regret moving to the G11. I find I do use the wider setting a lot, and I am not as frustrated with the macro as I was with the G9. Is that enough reason to dump the G9? I do not know. You can still make amazing shots with the G9. As we know it is the person behind the camera, not the camera. darwin

      • i have been in situations where i wished for a wider angle and your review perhaps explains my hit and miss ‘gorgeous’ shots using macro (which i love) … i love the abstract in things and most often i can explore that in macro …

        i stopped in at a local camera supplier today talking G11 and what not … you know what its like .. once one can ‘see’ one cannot unsee … and i see the 11 …

        so agree its not the equipment HOWEVER we also know that equipment HELPS US to do things … (gosh i hope i never get the idea i might want to explore medium format) … 🙂

        >>> Gina

      • von Zellen Says:

        I have a G9 and I love it, especially the long telephoto. But, I’d love to have a G11 as well. I say, keep your G9 and get the G11. Now you have the wider angle lens and great macro and a great telephoto on the G9 and a superb back up. It’s less $ than most slr lenses cost!

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