Than Canadian Landscape Contest – Andrew McLachlan

Andrew McLachlan

©Andrew McLachlan

Ontario’s Muskoka Region, often referred to as “Cottage Country,” is a rugged landscape with numerous lakes and rivers as well as a multitude of picturesque waterfalls. Muskoka is also famous for it’s stunning display of autumn sugar maples. This image was shot last fall which yielded a disappointing display of autumn colour, with many of the colours being muted. This particular waterfall is known as “Lower Rosseau Falls.” It is on the Rosseau River, near the town of Rosseau and is flowing into Lake Rosseau in this photo. Aside from sugar maples there is a great many white pine trees too. I was immediately drawn to the white pine towering over the river in this photo. I chose a position low to the ground at the river’s edge and used my 12-24mm lens with a polarizing filter. To balance the sky and foreground I handheld a 3-stop continuous grad filter over the polarizer. This filter was specially made by Singh Ray Filters. I had previously seen this filter mentioned in “A Guide To Photographing The Canadian Landscape” by Daryl Benson and Dale Wilson. In this scene, I was drawn to the rushing water, the wind-blown clouds, the colourful rocks and the iconic white pine standing tall and proud beside the river.


2 Responses to “Than Canadian Landscape Contest – Andrew McLachlan”

  1. Jonathan Sinclair Says:

    Beautiful colours on the rocks! I like how there is just a touch of the fall colours, it really stands out in the photograph! The flow of the water is just perfect, composition excellent, and I really like the depth of view and how you can see the river go on into the picture. All around well done in my opinion!

  2. Absolutely brilliant. You put a lot of work into getting this shot, and it shows in the spectacular result. Congratulations!

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