The Daily Snap – Feb 11

©Darwin Wiggett - Canon G11

I took this photo while Samantha ran into a coffee shop. I noticed the colourful reflections in the window, grabbed the G11 and made a Daily Snap. Notice my vehicle with the headlights on in the lower left corner.


4 Responses to “The Daily Snap – Feb 11”

  1. John Arnold Says:


    Nice Snap! I like the fact that you included the blue sky as a color compliment to the warm colors in the building…but the headlight is what really pulls it all together:)

    I have a question regarding the G11. Does the limited depth of field change how you shoot? In other words, do you find that it makes much difference what aperture you choose or do you just stick it in program mode and use exposure compensation?

    • The G11 has more DOF than a dSLR. It is very hard to get thin slice of focus with the G11. I mostly just hand-hold at f2.8 or f4 and most everything is almost always in focus (especially a scene like above). Darwin

  2. John Arnold Says:

    to amend my last comment, I meant so say limited DOF compared to an SLR.

  3. I like how the face of the woman sneaks into the shot if you look close. Kinda spooky.

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