The Canadian Landscape Contest – Marion Faria

Marion Faria

Marion Faria

This photograph was taken last October at the Mistaya Canyon in Banff National Park. The landscape absolutely took my breath away. It was worth the long wait for the clouds to clear a little to expose the mountain in the background; this image would have suffered without the presence of that mountain. I have never felt anything such as the awe inspired by the Canadian Rockies; there was always incredible beauty and majesty in every direction…this area in particular seemed very mystical. 


12 Responses to “The Canadian Landscape Contest – Marion Faria”

  1. That is one fantastic capture, well worth the wait. Nature provides the beauty to those who are patient, but the skill in capturing this is great also.

    Al Wagner

  2. This is a beautiful scene! Lots of drama and interest. I am headed to the Canadian Rockies this year and your photo inspires me to see this specific location for myself.

  3. Simply Beautiful!

  4. Wow what an amazing shot. Great mood and composition!

  5. Great shot! The winding river and the mountain work very well together.

    Almost looks like HDR in the clouds.

  6. Fantastic — I love how you can get an amazing shot in these types of conditions. Goes to show that you don’t need postcard-perfect skies to get a superb result.

  7. Simply sublime shot.

  8. Truly beautiful. Great work, Marion.

  9. Dave Terpening Says:

    I’ve looked at this a dozen times since it was posted and it still jumps out at me. Congrats on a really fine image!

  10. Just a beautifully moody capture. Well done!

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