Weekly Photo – Feb 19

The two photos below were taken on the Winter Magic Photo Tour (there is still one spot left on the second and upcoming Feb 24 – Feb 28, 2010 tour in case anyone is interested). These photos were taken on a moody overcast evening with my Canon EOS-1ds Mark III and the 17mm TS-e lens. I tilted the lens for maximum depth-of-field and used f8 for optimal lens performance. The 17mm is tack edge-to-edge. I love the lens! I also liked the moody blues in the photo when I used daylight white balance. I could not decide which image I liked best and so present two photos for this week.

©Darwin Wiggett

©Darwin Wiggett


9 Responses to “Weekly Photo – Feb 19”

  1. I need to get my behind over to Abraham Lake!
    This has been on my to-do list since forever…
    Great images Darwin.
    Is that ice always crackled like this in winter time?

    • Most years there is good ice on Abraham but not always and the locaztion of the great ice varies from year-to-year. Over the course of the 1st workshop the ice changed dramatically from the first day to the last day. It is amazing how wind and temp differences can alter things fast. Darwin

  2. Fantastic images. I prefer #1 because of the overall tonal balance.

  3. Wonderful photos! If I had to pick a favorite, it would be the 2nd photo.

  4. I wish!!! I visited Abraham this August and it was great, my knowledge of the area was not so great. I want to go back!

  5. Fantastic images, Darwin. I absolutely love your eye and sense of composition. Both images are incredible, but I tend to favor the second (spider crack) image for it’s greater sense of drama and impact.

    What keeps snow from building up on the lake? Is the lake strongly windswept?

  6. Awesome shots, I was there a month ago for the weekend and the lake was totally frozen over. When I went there just before christmas, only preachers point was frozen. So wild to see how much that area changes. It was snowing a little the last time I was there but it looks like most of that blew away for you guys this time. I’d love to be out there shooting with you guys but right now saving up for my trip to the Yukon in a few months. But next year I will be signing up for the photo tour!

  7. Beautiful shot Darwin!

  8. […] seen plenty of photos of the lake in winter before. The first photos I saw were on Darwin Wiggett’s blog. He takes groups of photographers out on the lake, so it’s starting to be a pretty […]

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