The Daily Snap – Feb 20

©Darwin Wiggett - Canon G11

©Darwin Wiggett - Canon G11

©Darwin Wiggett - Canon G11

I found three different leaves trapped on the ice on in various places on Abraham Lake. I used my G11 to make some quick snaps. I could not decide which one I like better so I will post all three in today’s Daily Snap. I would love to know which ones reader’s of the blog like best so if you ahve a moment let me know.


29 Responses to “The Daily Snap – Feb 20”

  1. I think I prefer the second shot, there a sense of motion that I like in that one.

  2. I like the 1st and 2nd ones, but probably the 1st the best.

  3. Darwin, they are good photos but what i really like the most is the last one. It looks like an abstract painting.

  4. Top one for me, Darwin – I have a real fondness for the blues!

    – Jack

  5. I like the first photo. The contrast with the leaf and the blue of the ice evokes emotions of the solitude of the never ending winter, makes me feel the cold, and the desire for spring to return.

  6. Sammy Deeb Says:

    I like them all but It’s the last one for me. The ballance over the golden spiral in composition.

  7. Rick Hudson Says:

    For me it is the first snap. I like the contrast between the blue ice and the golden color of the leaf. I also like the way you framed the shot.

  8. Well for me the top one is technically the best composition and the Blue Gold are complimentary colors, so it works well and I love the blue. Having said that the bottom picture has the feel of an abstract painting with the movement, the white lines around the rocks etc.

  9. First two work for me!

  10. I like #3 the best. But I also really like the sense of movement in the second one.

  11. It is the 3rd for me.

  12. Number 1 !!
    Because i like the contrast between the warm colour of the leaf and the cold color of the ice.
    Maybe a little crop on the left & bottom. And how about a slight increase of orange saturation of the leaf ?

  13. I love the second photo! The ice shows how beautifully clear the water is and the color is that wonderful shade of aqua blue that is one of my favorites. The clarity of the rocks, even under ice also shows the pure quality of the water.

  14. My vote is for the 2nd. It’s gets extra points for uniqueness. I’d be curious to see what would be the effect of pushing the whiteness/glow of that ribbon of snow which anchors the shot.

  15. Hi Darwin

    I like the first photo best. I like the way that the leaf is sitting on top of the wispy looking ice.

  16. Natalya Pluzhnikov Says:

    My vote is for the last. I also like the second very much for composition and feel of the motion, but the the third has amazing harmony of colors.

  17. Of course I have a moment, I really like the last one the best. I like the texture and the contrast colours of the rocks and the leaf. When I say I like something it’s usually something that I can see hanging on my wall. And this one, I can totally see hanging on my wall. I can also see it on canvas. Very nice.

  18. jim hooper Says:

    I think I like the first one. The colors are really crisp and vibrant. and I like the simplicity in it.

  19. the 3rd on eis my over-all favorite. They are beautiful pictures.

  20. I like the second one. The radiating lines of bubbles give it almost a sense of motion.

  21. I like the first one the best, but they are all really nice!

  22. Keith Griffiths Says:

    Tough choice but #2 takes it. The pattern of the bubbles in the ice repeat the shape of the leaf and my eye follows the pattern all around the image and back to the leaf.

  23. Alistair McNaughton Says:

    I really like the composition of the 2nd one.

  24. Thanks all for the votes. Out of 25 comments so far here is breakdown

    Number 1 – 10 votes
    Number 2 – 7 votes
    Number 3 – 8 votes

    Just goes to show how much personal taste plays in art and photography.


  25. I like the 2nd one. It was a tough choice between the first two but the 2nd one won out.

  26. Darwin, I really like the first picture the best. The 2nd picture is interesting, but the 3rd one I don’t care for. Just my taste, I hear the same thing from my parents about many of my choices with my own work.

  27. The first one is by far my favorite. However, the other two are quite eye catching as well. I think the third is the least interesting in my book.

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