Winter Photo Tour Results

This year one of my New Year’s resolution is to process my images from every outing right away. There is no point in having a backlog of years of unprocessed images that never see the light of day. To this end, I am happy to report that everything I have shot in 2010 so far is processed and cataloged–and I plan to keep up my resolution. I also plan to chip away at my 2008 and 2009 images that remain unseen and hope to have them all finished by April, at that time I will do a major update on my website. 

I just finished my images for last week’s Winter Magic Photo Tour and I am off again in two days on the next  leg of the tour. If you go to my Timecatcher pages you can see my 20 favorite images from the first tour (see the 1st 20 images in the catalog). And if you follow my Daily Snap you have also seen what I snapped with my G11 point-n-shoot. As soon as the participants finish their photos, I will post a link to their photos as well.

©Darwin Wiggett


5 Responses to “Winter Photo Tour Results”

  1. awesome that you got some great lighting there while you were there, love all of them!

  2. Amazingly beautiful patterns in this ice! wow… Your 20 favs on the timecatcher page are all gorgeous 🙂

  3. So cool. I wish we had ice like that here. Beautiful Darwin.

  4. This is beautiful. The color and pattern is lovely.

  5. Well done with your Resolution – everyone should make it and stick to it!!
    You have captured a lovely “noughts and crosses” pattern!

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