Weekly Photo – Feb 26

©Darwin Wiggett - Abraham Lake


Here is a little number from Abraham Lake that I got last week. We were lucky to be treated to a stunning sunrise with intense colours. Some may argue that the colours presented here are ‘over the top’ but I think this photo accurately depicts what we witnessed. I took this with my EOS-1ds Mark IIII and a 24mm TSE lens for big depth-of-field. I also used a Singh-Ray LB warming polarizer (to pierce into the foreground ice) plus a 3-stop soft-edge and a 1-stop hard-edge grad to even out the exposure in the sky and reflective ice relative to the dark foreground. This is a single image in-camera capture.


17 Responses to “Weekly Photo – Feb 26”

  1. Sammy Deeb Says:

    Simply stunning.

  2. Whoa, you were given the scene and you nailed it. Superb! BTW, what a great idea, stacking a 1-stop GND with the 3-stop soft to smooth out the exposure and avoid the dreaded “grad line”. And how nice to see the effort to get it right in-camera instead of throwing a bunch of exposures at HDR. Hey, did you post this in ESS? The NPN folks will appreciate this one. I fully expect to see this shot in Outdoor Photographer too. 😉

  3. Fantastic shot and amazing place. In terms of equipment and technique, you definitely seem to be on the ball (I wish I could say the same!). As stated in the previous post, a lot of photographers would have simply tackled this by combining multiple exposures to create a HDR image and processed the image heavily in photoshop. Nice to see that there are still people out there who rely more on good camera technique than post-processing.

  4. Simply beautiful..the colors, the composition…
    I love filters, they can give you incredible depth in an image…this is one of your best winter images.

  5. This one rocks Darwin! Love the intense colour and perfect composition. It’s great how that hanging cloud balances out the bubbles in the fg. Great dramatic shot!

  6. Not over the top. Just stunning!

  7. I was there! That’s what it looked like! 🙂 Great shot, man…

  8. Holy Macaroni! This one is ridiculously awesome!

  9. Excellent shot Darwin.

    I like the colours. Well done.

  10. kurtbudliger Says:

    Not over the top in my book Darwin, it’s stunning. Well handled exposure too.


  11. Kevin Gardinner Says:

    I guess I am going against the grain on this one.

    Not to be a stick in the mud and only to be constructive. Because the ice is so much brighter and bluer than the warm sky the foreground looks like it was illuminated with a flash. It’s an effect that I find unnatural.

    The incongruity of a red sky which should also be illuminating the foreground and isn’t tells the brain that something’s not right in this scene.


    • The ice in the foreground is actually sloped back away from the sunrise and is reflecting blue sky behind me, that is the reason why the difference in colours between foreground and background but I totally understand why you think this scene looks ‘off’ somehow. Your comments are spot on given that the bulge in the ice in the foreground really does not translate in this photo. Darwin

  12. Absolute Ripper Darwin!
    I am dying to get up that way again.

  13. Jena Haferman Says:

    This is the most stunning image I have seen of this nature. Incredible light, colors, and incredibly dramatic. Keep up the superb work, and Happy Shooting!

  14. This is just incredible! Now I think I really need to learn using polarizing filter.

  15. bayouphoto Says:

    absolutely gorgeous

  16. OH MY GOSH *gasp* gorgeous!

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