SNAP! Photo Contests

For those photographers who are interested in attending SNAP! Mastering Digital Nature Photography from Capture to Commerce in Canmore this April you now have several opportunities to win a pass to the event by entering your best photo in a competition.

Reader’s of this blog will already know about “The Canadian Landscape” Contest. Great stuff entered so far – see this link to see the entries so far.

Or if you do not have Canadian landscapes photos, or if you shoot wildlife then you can enter one of the competitions held by The Camera Store in Calgary for a SNAP! pass.

There are 7 passes in total being offered so there is a decent chance of winning!

Good luck!

©Darwin Wiggett

4 Responses to “SNAP! Photo Contests”

  1. Hendrik Says:

    So what if one already registered for the seminar? Would there be a refund?

  2. Hendrik,

    We can’t offer refunds but you can sell your ticket or give it away or donate it to a poor student. Hope that helps.


  3. Hendrik Says:

    So I`ll still enter the contest and then donate once I win 😀

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