The Daily Snap – March 2

©Darwin Wiggett - Canon G11


I just got back from my second Winter Magic Photo Workshop in the Canadian Rockies. The weather was unseasonably warm with the snow and ice melting like it was the end of April. Everywhere we went we encountered slushy snow and meltwater ponds, maybe I should change the name of the photo tour to “Mush and Slush”. In spite of the less than wintery conditions, the participants managed to come back with really great shots. I look forward to sharing these with you as soon as everyone gets their photos processed. I am always a sucker for the lone frozen leaf in ice. Here this fall leaf is being released from the ice as it melts in the warm conditions. Kind of a fall colours transition to winter and then spring melt story here.


2 Responses to “The Daily Snap – March 2”

  1. Hey Darwin,
    Thanks for the great time on the tour. It has opened my eyes and has transformed me from being a ‘trophy hunter’ and into an intimate landscape photog. For all of the blog readers that want an amazing workshop, Darwin is your best bet. He is the “option’s man”, having an amazing knowledge of what areas work best with the light conditions. We had challenges but with a postive attitude and an open eye, I made some great images!

    See you for the “go hard retard” tour in 2011!


  2. Jay Guilmette Says:

    I agree with Matt, your Winter Magic Photo Tour last week was amazing. You took us to great locations no matter what the weather or light conditions were. I really enjoyed the trip and came away with a lot of great photos. I can’t wait to see everyone elses photos.


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