Essential Filters for Contolling Contrast in Digital Nature Photography

Singh-Ray has just published an article I wrote about The Essential Filters for Controlling Contrast in Digital Nature Photography. Hopefully this article will help you decide which filters you’ll need for your photography endevours.

©Darwin Wiggett

16 Responses to “Essential Filters for Contolling Contrast in Digital Nature Photography”

  1. This is fantastic info. Thanks.

  2. Awesome shot. Awesome info. Thanks for the reminder of why I have my filters! (I just forget to use them!)

  3. aswirly Says:

    I am in love with this image. Simply beautiful… Great article too. The images really illustrate how essential filters are for creating dramatic scenes. I definitely need to ugrade my filter collection.

  4. Great article. You mention stacking the 2 and 3 stop filters. When I have stacked filters from other brands I get a magenta cast to the filtered area. Have you had that experience with the Singh-ray’s?

    • I do not get a magenta cast when stacking two Singh-Ray grads. Darwin

      • Thanks for your reply. The other item that has confused me has been the differences between Singh-ray’s polarizers. They offer the warming, the neutral, and the color combo. How much of a difference in the image do the different tints make? I have never seen anyone compare them all side-by-side. How well can the tint be adjusted (taken out or added) in Lightroom? I appreciate your insights. Doug

      • I have used the neutral and the warming polarizer, you change the colour balance after the fact in Lightroom. Personally I like to get it as good as possible in the camera, and I prefer warm photos so I use the LB warming polarizer. The less changes to do in the computer, the better I like things.

        Maybe as a follow-up review I will do a comparison of the three polarizers, I have not seen a side-by-side compaison either. Good idea. Darwin

  5. joeandrews Says:

    Incredible photo and an awesome article, I most definitely learned something.. I need to add the 3 stop to my bag like asap!!

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  7. Perfect light and composition ! A great shot ! I like it !


  8. Thanks Darwin!

    By fortunate coincidence you saved me from having to ask the dumb question that had been on my mind as a gear up to try more scenic photography: which filters to buy and use? All set now. You’ve done myself and Singh-Ray a great service.

  9. Darwin, I greatly appreciated your article. One question for you: When choosing a soft-step graduated ND, should we consider the effect of filter length? The 4×6 size (which I use) is 30 mm longer than the P-size. So the graduation would be spread out more, correct? If so, then a 3-stop soft ND grad would perform differently depending on whether it is P-size or 4×6 (for a given lens diameter). Let me know if this is true. Thanks.

  10. Will be attending your seminar in Burlington then heading to shoot in the Rockies in June – I use a polarizer but to Doug’s question, I am not clear on when the colour combo v. warming polarizer is the better choice and would benefit from your comment.

    • Get the warming polarizer, you do not need the colour combo with digital because you can alter colours in post if you want. Darwin

      • Couldn’t you say the same thing about the warming polarizer? If you went with the neutral polarizer, then you could add warmth if you want or not have to take it out if you don’t want it.

      • Yes you could say the same thing about a warming polarizer. A polarizing effect CAN NOT be replicated accurately in software, but the warming effect can. Having the warming aspect captured in camera saves me one step in post processing. Darwi n

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