The Daily Snap – March 9

©Darwin Wiggett - Canon G11

This is one of those shots I could never get with a dSLR. I wiggled my way in behind a frozen waterfall and then shoved my arm as far as I coul reach while holding onto the Canon G11. I aimed the camera into the icefall (90 degree angle from my face) but had the tilt-swivel LCD facing towards me so I could see the composition. I snapped a few shots and liked what I saw. I could never fit a dSLR into the crammed sapce, let alone compose the shot. Thanks to the point-n-shoot I got a neat new perspective on the waterfall.


One Response to “The Daily Snap – March 9”

  1. Gorgeous batural abstract! I do so love that you use a P&S along with a DSLR. Proves the point that the camera is merely the instrument of creativity!

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