A Couple of Nice Mentions

Recently, I have been included a couple of places on the web where I get to share the spotlight with a number of creative and talented photographers and artists. Thanks to whomever thought to include my work on these sites, I am honored and humbled.

45 Landscape Photographers that Really Rock!

Culturazzi – the Fun And Fantastic

©Darwin Wiggett


5 Responses to “A Couple of Nice Mentions”

  1. Joseph Lanza Says:

    Darwin you deserve these mentions. Your work is really excellent.

  2. Love the picture of Brando (I hope I’m right on that) what a cool fella. I have always considered having a link your sight on my blog a benefit for my visitors. It’s all about sharing and sharing is fun! Thanks Darwin.


  3. This is actually Buster the Sled Dog (now deceased). I will post a photo of Brando shortly. Darwin

  4. Congrats on your mentions too. I always mention you to people I know and refer them to your site. 🙂

  5. Just found your site today, your work is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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