Photographer of the Month – Dave Brosha

I first met Dave Brosha when I went up to do a workshop in Yellowknife that was organized by Lee Sacrey. The first thing that struck me about Dave was how humble and approachable he was. Here is a guy with great talent that is not full of himself and that really loves photography and is willing to share and help out anyone interested in the craft. More and more the photographers that I see that are the most creative and successful are those who are not afraid to share. The givers always seem to receive in kind. Dave has been a full-time pro for just one year and he has really established himself not only in Yellowknife but across Canada as well. He has become the master of the environmental portrait – see the images below! 

It just goes to show that good energy, goodwill and hard work pay off. Thanks Dave for the inspiration! 

©Dave Brosha


©Dave Brosha


©Dave Brosha


©Dave Brosha


©Dave Brosha


5 Responses to “Photographer of the Month – Dave Brosha”

  1. I will second everything you’ve said about Dave, including naming him Photographer of the month. Most photogrpahers thrive in the light–Dave is mastering the art of revealing the beauty in darkness…ice roads, Arctic skies, underground mines…

  2. Amazing and inspirational work!!!

  3. It is nice to see Dave held in such high praise. He is a great friend and photographer. I am glad to say I know him. He is not only willing to share his knowledge but, will listen to comments on his work from photographers of all levels. I have heard him say on a couple of occasions that “there is always something to learn from everyone” He is a very humble guy. I am glad you both meet during the Yellowknife workshop. Dave is so nice he even tells people he knows me, lol. Nice to see him here. Great job Darwin, I know Dave will be pleased. We all hope to see you back in the north soon.

  4. David Prichard Says:

    Excellent choice Darwin. Dave is an enthusiastic and hard working photographer who, in my opinion, has made great strides in his work in recent years.

    There is a lot of unacknowledged talent up here. People in the Toronto area may wish to view an exhibition of youth photography from the Territory currently showing at the Lens Factory gallery on Queen St. W.

  5. […] But I do believe everything is interconnected, and good always balances out, and exceeds, whatever “bad” happens.  Pretty much as soon as I received that news I received a few other great little pieces of news, most notably that Darwin Wiggett, perhaps Canada’s top landscape photographer, an editor with Outdoor Photography Canada, and, well, a really great guy, emailed to say that he was going to be featuring me as his “Photographer of the Month” on his popular blog.  This is so amazing to me, as I hold Darwin’s work in the highest regard, and to know that he “noticed” me was a great honour.  Check out his post here. […]

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