The Canadian Mosaic Project

In celebration of the year 2010, a massive 10×20 foot Canadian Flag Mosaic containing 2010 portraits will travel coast to coast to coast promoting the face of Canada.

The 2010 portraits have been taken by photographer Tim Van Horn. Tim traveled from October 2008 thought to January of 2010. These 2010 portraits were taken in an attempt to define and capture Canada’s diverse cultural tapestry, to put a face to the people Canada. This ensemble of 2010 portraits from every age group, every nationality and region of Canada will be blended into a single unifying image and presented in the Canadian Flag Mosaic. For more info go here.

©Tim Van Horn


3 Responses to “The Canadian Mosaic Project”

  1. That is very impressive!

  2. celebratecanada Says:

    Thanks Darwin for the support!
    Tim Van Horn

  3. caroline Fillinger Says:

    This is an awesome work of dedication!! we just came back from viewing the actual mosaic on the side of the garage. Well done indeed!!

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