The Canadian Landscape Contest – Lori Jezowski

Lori Jezowski

©Lori Jezowski


When I ran across this photo opportunity I just had to stop, the whole area was mystifying, it was the first heavy frost of the Fall season. The swans should have been gone south, I am sure, like myself, they could not resist the quiet sereneness of this little pond. This photo was taken in Northern Alberta, Canada, just south of Bonnyville.


9 Responses to “The Canadian Landscape Contest – Lori Jezowski”

  1. Lovely photo and I have to say I did a double take when I seen the photographers name!

  2. Lori Jezowski Says:

    Thank you Russ,
    Out of curiosity why did you do a double take when you saw my name?

  3. I know your other / better half. Seen him again Dec 19 ’09.

    • My other/BETTER half?? Now I don’t know about that… lol
      He guessed that it probably was you.
      Have you got a pic on here, I have looked but haven’t seen one, maybe I missed it??

  4. Lori Jezowski Says:

    There are all kinds of photos on here, Some are awesome, some are so-so, it’s just fun to enter on these.
    I haven’t heard of the Snap Seminar, I’m guessing probably not.

    • Lori Jezowski Says:

      Thanks Russ, I did go look for that link, sounds pretty interesting.
      Oh and I just found out a pic I entered in a mag. contest won third, and they also used three more of my photos throughout the mag. I was thrilled!

  5. Mark Bentley Says:

    Fantastic photo, you have a great eye for a good photo opportunity.

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