The Canadian Landscape Contest – Laura Eccleston

Laura Eccleston

©Laura Eccleston


This cable bridge crosses the North Saskatchewan River in the Kootenay Plains, Alberta on the Siffleur Falls Trail. I spotted it from the highway while my husband and I were on our way to Abraham Lake. We stopped, donned our snowshoes and walked the short distance from the parking lot to the bridge. Because of the weather and because we had better and bigger fish to fry and the Lake, we decided to cross over, snap a few, and get on our way. The broken cable is on the far side of the bridge and so we had no choice but to dare cross back over. Even if the river was completely frozen over, I’d be too fraidy-cat to cross on the ice. I’m sure it was safe, but still a bit nerve racking.


One Response to “The Canadian Landscape Contest – Laura Eccleston”

  1. LOL…on Darwins Photo tour I thought the same thing!

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