The Canadian Landscape Contest – Eleanor Marsh

Eleanor Marsh

©Eleanor Marsh


The morning of September 15, 2009 I had wanted to take photo’s of the rising sun at a little place further west of Windy Point, called Preachers Point – but I drove right past the entrance in the dark; this despite scouting out the area in the afternoon the day before. Oh well! Some weeks after I returned home to Vancouver I was thinking about what it means to be a landscape photographer, and this photo of a lonely car, it’s headlights illuminating the road ahead as it travelled alongside Abraham Lake, highlighted my thoughts. My own time on the road opened my eyes to the diligence and self-discipline an outdoor photographer needs to have – to not crawl back into bed under the still warm duvet before the crack of dawn, to determine where best to take photo’s at either end of the day and to have Plans B and C at the ready; of what it means to be responsible for yourself, a fully charged cell phone, emergency medical supplies, tank full of gas, munchies for the road, filters in one set of pockets and bear spray in the other… While I had a fabulous 2 weeks away taking photos and eventually catching up with friends at the end, it was at times lonely and there were occasions where crawling back into bed seemed a far better notion, but the reward of possibly seeing a magnificent sunrise or wildlife were too much to resist, and so for a few days in September while most other tourists slept I found myself hitting the road , marveling at the great Canadian Landscape!!


7 Responses to “The Canadian Landscape Contest – Eleanor Marsh”

  1. Well said! I know I’ve had very similar thoughts before, while driving the highway, feeling like you’re the only person on the road.

    Nice shot as well!

  2. Amen Eleanor! You describe EXACTLY how I feel when I’m out there.
    Great shot. Love the pinks and purples!!!

  3. Jay Guilmette Says:

    Great shot! I really like the sense of movement in the clouds and the streaking red car lights.

  4. Eleanor, would you be the person I met that week while shooting fall colors in the evening along the highway that week? If I remember correctly, you were staying at the Saskatchewan River Crossing?


    • Hi Dan, yes that would be me! I took your suggestion and headed back to Waterfowl Lake that evening for sunset. Some lovely pastel colours that night. Happy Shooting Dan!

  5. Agreed. Landscape photographers (not me, friend of mine) are starting to go where no one has gone before to bring us the best pictures. (Especially since it seems that amateurs can take a mediocre picture and photoshop it until it looks nice enough.) We appreciate the efforts of people who do the work to bring us beautiful pictures. Plant and Garden Blog

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