The Canadian Landscape – Andrea Salkeld

Andrea Salkeld

©Andrea Salkeld

We live on an acreage an hour and a half east of Calgary, Alberta outside of a small village called Rosemary. It was the last of the snow in our yard and Spring is right around the corner, I wanted to capture a picture of it before it was all gone. The sun was also just so beautiful that afternoon. I have had this mirror hanging in my dinning room for a few years now and have always loved it. Not sure where the idea came from to bring it outside and use it, but the idea just came, and I am thrilled with the outcome!


5 Responses to “The Canadian Landscape – Andrea Salkeld”

  1. Beautiful shot !!! You did a great job in capturing this – it is lovely !!

  2. SO creative and absolutely lovely!

  3. Amazing shot!!! Love it!! What a great Idea

  4. Mary DeCruyenaere Says:

    The snow, the leafless trees captured in the mirror then reflecting the stillness and absolute peace and quietness back. Cool.

  5. Angela Cutt Says:

    I love this shot! Very creative and I love how the trees are reflected in the mirror!

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