The Daily Snap – March 20

©Darwin Wiggett - Canon G11

This snap above is of my set-up for the photo below. I had my tripod in Lorette Pond in Kananaskis to get a low angle view. I shot the overall scene with my 24mm TS-E lens and a Singh-Ray polarizer and Singh-Ray 2-stop grad.

©Darwin Wiggett - Canon EOS-1ds Mark III


11 Responses to “The Daily Snap – March 20”

  1. I love it very nice perspective, and lines.

  2. Beautiful, Darwin.

  3. I hope you were wearing your rubber boots. 🙂

  4. Beautiful. Thanx for sharing the info. Really appreciated!

  5. Great job. A really beautiful result!

  6. I would LOVE to see more of these kinds of pictures. It really gives us a perspective on how to “spot” a shot.

  7. Yeah me too! (I often do that myself just to show my girl what it takes, and sometimes it’s plain funny)
    Great shot btw. I never thought about including that bridge (and that stupid fence)> I dislike man made things in my shots. But this shot shows that I am wrong. Need to try this more.

  8. It’s neat to see things like this Darwin, I appreciate your blog and your willingness to take time to share such things. It’s personal touches like this that makes blogs valuable.

  9. Joseph Lanza Says:

    Darwin a truly beautiful shot. You might consider creating a series of videos (like Moose Peterson does) on the techniques for getting great landscape shots showing camera placement, time of day, depth of field, etc. You might even consider taking your classic “How to Photograph the Canadian Rockies” and filming the entire book, putting the film on a CD and then offering the CD for sale. That CD could become a very lucrative venture.

  10. Jacques Mercier Says:

    Darwin, mille merci.
    Now , for quite a few years, I have been studying your beautiful pictures on the Time Catcher web site: Needless (!) to say how much I learn. But today this is a bonus. As others have already said: please, please “encore”.
    I had the dream of hiring you for a month to teach me (I am quite a slow learner), but now I can save my money for another gadget.

  11. I love the picture. The picture of the picture is worth as much or more. It shows the info needed to try and do these type shots myself. I also value the lens and exposure information

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