The Canadian Landscape Contest – Patricia Brundage

Patricia Brundage

©Patricia Brundage

The image attached is entitled “Snowy Point.” It was taken on South Shore Road, Ecum Secum, NS. Ecum Secum is a small lobster fishing community on the Eastern Shore of NS, approximately half way between Halifax and the Canso Causeway to Cape Breton. I had taken this grouping of fishing shacks and boats multiple times in many weather conditions, but the snow shower enhanced the scene and eliminated the background of homes on the opposite shore of the bay. South Shore Road has many vignettes which include islands, fishing shacks, an outhouse with a lupine path, a church and water scenes on Mitchell Bay. The eastern shore is not as well known as the southern shore but is a joy to explore and photograph. I used my Canon 5D with 200 IS lens F16, 1/30 sec., ISO 125.


3 Responses to “The Canadian Landscape Contest – Patricia Brundage”

  1. LOVE everything about this. Well done!

  2. Great setting and mood. I feel like shivering.

  3. Patricia Brundage Says:

    Glad you like the image. Thanks for posting a comment. Do not have a website, but you can view a few more images under my name at

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