Weekly Photo – March 26

©Darwin Wiggett

Here is one from the McDougall Church near Morley, Alberta. The area around Cochrane and Morley gets a lot of chinook arches at sunset, so the church is a great place to run to to get a nice foreground for the big colourful skies. Here I used my 45mm Tilt Shift Lens to correct perspective on the church (keep the walls square). I shot this as a horizontal with the lens shifted down to get the foreground and church and then with the lens shifted up to get the top of the church and the sky. I stitched the two images together in Photoshop and the result is a squarish image. Canon EOS-1ds Mark III.


2 Responses to “Weekly Photo – March 26”

  1. I’ve shot this church a number of times and it seems to offer something different each time. I’ve tried to incorporate the hills in the background but I always ended up getting some sort of distracting element in the frame. I never thought of going with a square crop or a square stitched image. Something I’ll have to add to my bag of tricks. Thanks!

  2. Lovely shot. Very dynamic sky.

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