Some Good Links to Check Out

Pro Imaging – Support for Professional Image Creators – Great website with a couple of campaigns that need our support. One of the campaigns is a Bill of Rights for creating fairness in photo competitions. There is a list of photo competitions that are fair to participants and a much longer list of contests that are unfair. Before entering a competion check this list, and if you see a contest that should be on the unfair list send the Pro Imaging folks a note. BTW if you have not read my concerns about the new Canadian Geographic Photo Contest I suggest you take a moment especially if you are considering entering the competition. Thanks to John for bringing this great site to my attention

Crazy New Voodoo Magic in Photoshop CS5 – CS5 release will be announced April 12 but for now you can see why you will want to upgrade for the Content Aware Fill feature alone!

Alternative Technique for Digital Orton – Lots of folks love digital Ortons, here is another workflow

Here is Samantha’s answer to the following question: What is a day in the life of a professional nature photographer like?  Is it difficult being a woman in a seemingly male-dominated field?

And of course I always like to check on on of my favorite writers on photography, Guy Tal. if you don’t read his blog, I suggest you do, always worthwhile.

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One Response to “Some Good Links to Check Out”

  1. Thanks for these links Darwin. They’re great!

    Like you, I blog about ‘rights-grabbing’ photo contests, and it was through Pro-Imaging thatI found your site.

    Thanks again – I particularly like Guy Tal’s insights.



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