The Daily Snap – March 27

©Darwin Wiggett - Canon G11

Yummy… the Grizzly Paw in Canmore, Alberta – a favorite watering hole for this thirsty mountain photographer. Now you know why I post so many bathroom shots!


8 Responses to “The Daily Snap – March 27”

  1. Clearly, there is a theme in your daily snaps: booze and washrooms…hmm…interesting 🙂
    Very cool image though.

  2. John Arnold Says:

    I like the way that the rays of light that pass through the glass and reflect off the table repeat the shape of the triangle and claw in the logo…..they look like claws pointing in the opposite direction of the bear claw itself. Scary beer!

  3. I see you’ve left your mark. The reflections are an added touch.

  4. Cool shot! It does look yummy!

  5. Well done. (and yes, this image explains so much…) 😉

  6. Silly question time. Did you deliberately cut off the glasses and was theere a reason? I find myself moving my head as I’m looking at the picture to see the rest of the glasses. Perhaps I’m focusing on the beer too much!!

    • Yes the framing was deliberate, I wanted the glasses touching the edge of the frame to add some ‘tension’ to the shot. Otherwise the composition is too easy and does not interest the eye as much. Darwin

  7. And here I thought your secret was a keen eye for composition when all along it was your keen thirst for beer 🙂

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